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Mügedu is a London-based private tutor and primary years mentorship brand that was founded by the lovely teacher Müge Kaya Özkır (she/her) in earlier 2022. Through its landing page, Mügedu.co.uk helps primary year students to have fun while learning through either online or face-to-face.


The experienced mentor reached out to me in need of a visual identity and a landing page to get differentiated and visible for her target audience, which were the parents of 7-15 year old students. She wanted to build a tailor-made brand for her online platform, so that the parents could find her online and book lessons for their child easier.

As we were about to build a totally new brand, we needed a simple, minimalist, yet a "happy" logo to evoke optimism and childhood to begin with.


As the London market was already full of online teachers, mentors and platforms for primary year students, Mügedu had to differentiate with its visual world. At first, it was a real challenge to find a way to communicate "playful and childish" and also "professional, the one with an attitude" at the same time.

Then, the tagline just popped up in my mind, which then led to the whole identity:

"Playfully serious or seriously playful."


The need of minimalism and happiness made me sketch curvy, cutie explorations at first. Three strong ideas made their way to the presentation to my client, and she was happily surprised to see all the work she had to choose among.

The idea of the approved logo, which you see throughout this case study, came up as a merge of the letter "M" + "ü" and a "tulip," the flower that means a lot to the Turkish community abroad. Also tulip comes with its natural meaning, "spreading knowledge", and fit perfectly to Mügedu as it's one of the core values of the brand.

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"The Brand Strategy sessions were unbelievably fun and helpful. Thanks Daçe for asking the questions that I've never thought on before."

Müge Kaya Özkır, the Founder

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