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Gamehaap (formerly, DigitalEstonia) is a business coaching and consultancy brand that focuses on helping non-EU game studios to join a European hub for startups and unicorns by establishing a company in Estonia.


Fırat, a visionary solopreneur based in Estonia, reached out to Daçe Studio for the Brand Strategy Workshop and get a distinctive and strong identity design for Gamehaap. Since it would address the current or potential one-billion dollar valued game studios, the brand needed the solid grounding of a well-formed strategy. The main goals were to specify where Gamehaap's potential and the composition of its audiences.


Before designing the brand identity, which was an important final checkpoint for the project, we had in mind for the design something about "unicorns" to attract the same kind. However, the world is full of generic unicorn logos, so it was a huge challenge to eliminate the possibility of designing such generic logos. Instead, our design needed to be minimal, simple and memorable as hell.


Since the brand, Gamehaap, works and serves totally digital as its main philosophy, nothing could help its purpose more than making the logo responsive to its quest. To accomplish that, the icon had to be modern, minimal and circular in shape so that it can fit in anywhere. Aggressively forward-looking, our unicorn was born so unique that it was ready to attract the unicorns of the future.

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