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E&E is a house of brands that serves as the parent company of almost ten different businesses. It was established in late 2021 by a courageous solopreneur.


E&E needed to be branded in order to make a difference in each of its subsidiaries' markets. First, we located a true north for our strategy by defining our values, target audiences, messaging and positioning, and then we sought a unique brand identity.


Not only a logo for a brand, the E&E logo would be used by many brands in a wide range of industries. This made it a major challenge to have a single logo but to attract many different types of personas at the same time. It was inevitable to create an extremely simple and robust brand, from its icons to the printed and digital media.


The name "E&E", stands for experience and expertise according to their website, and it had to be represented in the logo as a lettermark. The logo uses a big bold typeface to form a set of wings: a symbol of growth and ascent. To make the brand simpler and starker, the main color palette black and white. Less color and short taglines endowed E&E with an impressive masculine look for its predominantly male industries.

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"Plans were made for nights to reach the goal set years ago. Many things had to come together in order to get started and grow. And this struggle had to have a strong brand. This is how E&E was born. Thank you Daçe, for creating a brand that will survive even after 30 years."

Serhat Kara, the Founder

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