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Beauty in Right Hands

Beauty & Health Consultancy
Ankara, Turkey
Logo Design for Startup


Established in 2021, Beauty in Right Hands helps people discover their hidden beauty by introducing them to a new life with a new body.


Fulya and Çağlar, a visionary, experienced and LOOOOVELY business couple reached out to Daçe Studio to collaborate on branding. Our goal was to create a high-end brand from scratch, strategically and visually, and to make it number one in the country.


Since the costs of surger are low in Turkey, while the expertise of doctors and the quality of service are extremely high, men and women from around the world have been choosing it as a medical tourism destination for many years. Beauty in Right Hands needed to attract them with an upmarket, trustworthy and professional look.


To match the brand’s intentions and strategy, we created an elegant, mostly femme-magnetic, luxurious, but affordable, sophisticated, intimate and encouraging perception for the brand, just like what the co-founders had in mind. With soft skin colors and sharp-edged typography, Beauty in Right Hands now has a visual identity that attracts its audience deftly and surely.

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"Berkay Daçe is not just a Brand Identity Designer, he is also one of a kind Business Partner when you need a great beginning or fresh start for your business. I can’t thank him enough for all his countless efforts every time I need him. Thanks for everything, Berkay!"

Çağlar Erdihan, the Co-Founder

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