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GODO+ is a circular community of people from all over the world, people who can change the future together through love, peace, harmony and acceptance without judgement.


After Güngör, its founder, reached out to me to collaborate with him on the identity design for GODO+, we dove into numerous discovery talks before drawing a single line. Since the concept was a bit intangible at first, it was extremely important for me to understand fully what we would be dealing with, so we didn't hesitate about taking our time with those initial discovery meetings.

Only when I felt that our brains had converged at some point about the chemistry of the brand, were we able to start the project. GODO+ was to build on a joyful and inclusive brand identity, which should cheer and uplift its target audience with every touchpoint.


Güngör had four main elements of nature in his mind for the logo: air, fire, water and earth. They needed to be implemented into the design somehow in total harmony. A symbol of the eye was to be included in the same logo, which had to have a plus sign, too.


After we set the core values, the position and the target audience of the brand, it was clear that we needed to create an abstract and minimalistic logo with the utmost level of playfulness. After coming up with lots of ideas, sketches and representations, the final logo came to life and was approved after some tweaks.

> A pretty bunch of free-flowing shapes represents the souls of every single individual. These shapes were then finalized to become a wordmark symbol of GODO+.

> The elements are depicted not by different shapes, but by colors that indicate their physical appearance in the world: yellow for air, red for fire, blue for water, and green for earth.

> The first three letters of the logo icon also form an eye, and the plus sign was introduced not in the icon but as a part of the wordmark below.

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"Great work Berkay! GODO+ is very lucky to come across with you 💫"

Güngör Kaya, the Founder

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