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Edge of Talent

Tech Recruitment
Stockholm, Sweden
Logo Design for Startup


Edge of Talent, a Stockholm-based recruitment brand, is the only HR-partner that can find the best talents for scale-ups and accelerate their growth, be their longterm guide and speaking partner, and proudly grow together in the future.


When I first met Linn—my lovely creative director for this project, and her client Ulrika—a highly experienced recruitment partner for many years, we communicated their primary goal, which happened to be more than just a logo change. The real problem to solve was finding out / determining the right target audience, and then a new positioning in the market. The brand needed a total reshape.


The main challenge in the project was finding out the perfect visual communication with the new target audience, which are tech scale ups. Since the previous brand did not have much of a consistent visual identity, our job was to create a visual world for the brand from scratch. The first thing we had to do was changing the logo, as it was so generic and unbalanced that it wasn't helping the brand to stand out. After two weeks of research, sketching and refining, I came up with 4 different directions for the client.


We were after a simple, minimal and strong logo as the first criteria. Then, it needed to communicate the brand's new character attributes, which are "Dynamic," "Friendly," "Hipster-ish," "Structured," "Professional," and "Trusted Expert". The idea of the approved logo was to merge coding glyphs (as being about tech scale ups) and a side view of a person, a real human being, which stands for putting the "human" in the center of what they do.

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"Daçe for president!"

(I can't tell how short yet powerful testimonial this is!)

Linn Sandgren, the great designer and the founder at Lakky Creative (lakky.se)

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