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Elegance, minimalism, and brightness.

If I had to choose three words to describe the feeling that needed to be born for Özge Uzer, these would fit best.

When our paths have crossed with Özge, the entrepreneur-spirited postmodern astrologist and consultant, she was about to launch her own personal brand on this ancient wisdom of the sky and space. With her previous branding experiences, she was a bit unclear about the next steps when we first met for the discovery phase.

This case study you are about to see in detail includes the phases of exploration, concept development, refinement and the full expansion of the brand identity within about one month.


Strategy and Style Exploration Sessions

At the kick-off phase, we began with the 2-day Strategy Workshops to uncover the situation to the deepest layer. We underwent vitally important exercises for discovering the WHY, HOW and WHATs of the brand, positioning, values, archetypes and brand personality.

Following the Strategy phase, the second part of the kick off was art direction meetings where we ended up which path to go with our logo and visual identity. It included determining the style of the potential logo options, and was indispensable for the design process.


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The Logo

Star constellations have always been wonderful and intriguing for the human societies for tens of thousands years. It was impossible to avoid using constellations for the logo design.

Having a modern and elegant design was sought as we want to look mildly exclusive and friendly at the same time, yet the elegance was the first focus to create.

The icon that is also the letter "Ö" (pronounced as /eu/ in Turkish) is formed by a cancer constellation shining in the heart of our brand's initial.

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"Daçe asked well thought questions to understand my needs, targets and expectations clearly on discovery meeting. He clarified the entire process and explained in detail. After meeting, I totally believe that he has more than enough wisdom and capacity to create my personal brand. [...] All the ideas, thinkings that we shared with each other in our strategy meeting got totally real thanks to Daçe Studio."

Özge Uzer, the founder

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