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Henningsen Global

Business & Life Coaching
Hundslund, Denmark
Branding & Web Design
Logo Design for Startup


Henningsen Global is a coaching and consultancy company with more than 25 years of experience in three key areas: communication, leadership and teamwork for visionary leaders and organizations.


Povl Henningsen, the founder, was looking to transform from an ordinary business to a robust brand that would be the first choice of local and international leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to grow in their professional and personal lives.

The goal was to dial in the brand's previous identity more precisely to create a visual system that would look more prestigious, confident and expert-vibed, starting with the logo.


We needed to respect the heritage of the previous identity by keeping the color palette in the same range, while improving its messaging and positioning. Henningsen Global was just waiting in the corner to become a strategically well-positioned consultancy brand, and Daçe Studio was there to make the right move with Povl.


Starting with a strategy talk, we specified our new target personas, values, positioning and brand character. To create simultaneously a feeling of exclusiveness and being modern was a game to be played very carefully. One of the brand's main taglines, "Dialogue Across Differences" was something to keep in mind and be emphasized in a logo designed in an extremely minimalist approach.

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"It has been a great pleasure working with Berkay Daçe Design Studio. Creativity, communication and collaboration: extraordinary. Highly recommended partner."

Povl Christian Henningsen, the Founder

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