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As an international business elevation agent, Stockholm-based PaceLab™️ focuses on creating sustainable transformations in organizations through a variety of methods, including coaching, leadership training, and neuroscience. They believe in fostering psychological safety, wellbeing, and relational leadership in the workplace, leading to a vibrant, co-creating community.

The sole vision of the brand is “to create healthy, happy and impactful people and businesses,” in their words.


The business was established for a long time, but it’s hard to say that the brand had an identity before. But before creating a thorough system of visual and verbal identity, PaceLab had to be repositioned as it needed to be more into the “human” end rather than being serious and corporate.


In this project, the biggest challenge was creating a sharp and bold, but also joyful and humane brand. How would they stand together without conflicting to each other? Hence, the new logo had to be a part of a bigger scene where every element worked hard to transmit a warm professionalism in harmony.

The previous logo had been championing the letter “E” as a form of “pace”, but it couldn’t be used separately as it had nothing to remind of the brand name. That’s why, the new logo had to have an icon infused naturally in the logotype. The letter “P” was meant to accomplish this task.


The new logotype focuses on three main collars of the brand's new position: Human relationships, transformation and bringing different perspectives, which are all embodied in the “P” icon (that can be a hero especially when the size is not enough). Moreover, the rest of the letters were customized to create a unique, dynamic layout towards right (i.e. towards the future). To enrich the coherence, rounded and sharp corners played a subtle but huge role in the logotype.

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"Blown away by your creative excellence, your responsiveness to my feedforward, your professionalism and clarity, guiding me through this process of creating PaceLab’s new brand identity! Goose bumps, seeing all of it come together! Very grateful for our thriving collaboration resulting in this - indeed - new era for PaceLab - just as you promised!"

Daniela Tell, Founder

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