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In Right Hands

Business Coaching
Ankara, Turkey
Logo Design for Startup


In Right Hands (the sibling company of BiRH, which can also be found in this portfolio), a branding project for a business coaching and consultancy company, aims to streamline businesses' practices by eliminating frictions and accelerating the fundamental processes.


Our goal was to discover and establish a strong foundation for the brand to rise on: a robust strategy. It was important to set such a foundation since the brand was intended to become the go-to service for failing or problematic businesses. After a meticulous analysis of core values, positioning, brand archetype, and target markets and target audiences, we moved on to the design phase as a natural outcome.


Words like “growing,” “making a profit,” “developing” and “transforming” are nothing but generic phrases that you run across when you search for a consultancy brand. We had to design the main icon using these generic ideas, but avoiding being generic at all costs.


In the business game, growing means higher revenues, and higher revenues are all about those bar charts just like in the emoji. 📈

How do you combine "a right hand" and a "growth chart"? That's the idea behind the icon. The answer: in the simplest and the most memorable way.

To enhance that feeling of growth, we played with the thickness of the typeface. By shifting the font from thin to the medium and to bold, the brand name, In Right Hands, appears to telescope across the screen. That style also shaped the brand's messages visually and its other uses of typography.

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