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Logo Design for Startup


A London-based experience and service design company Desidero reached out to me to renovate its entire visual identity after having a good, but unremarkable logo for the previous three years.

Seeking more than just a logo change, the brand was after a total repositioning in the market.


The goal here was to create a bold and unique identity for Desidero that would look modern, dynamic, more avant-garde, more expressive and totally custom-made to fit the client's brief. The new identity would be used mainly on digital channels and keynote decks.


The challenge was to satisfy all these expectations completely and to create a set of visual assets to represent the verbal identity in the client’s mind. I was expected to form a dynamic wordmark, which was eventually achieved by splitting its baseline into two adjacent levels. I cut the fat, rounded typeface diagonally to have a clear contrast. Since Desidero designs experiences and changes people’s behavior, I placed a human-shaped letter "i" right in the center of the brand logo.


With the help of a strong relationship built during the initial phase of this project, the entire process was smooth and effective in terms of communication and design. After days and weeks of discovery, sketching and conceptualizing, digital drawing, presenting original ideas and revisions, we successfully hit the target and tailored the perfect identity together, and I’m very proud to have been a part of that.

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